Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (for beginners)

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (for beginners)

Are you looking to get into amazon affiliate marketing but have no idea where to start? similarly, I was in the same boat at one point. watch this video and read the post to learn some juicy tips and tricks.


What’s cook’n good lookin!

ready for a bonus amazon affiliate marketing tutorial?

If you stumbled upon this post hoping to learn about affiliate marketing then you’re in luck! moving forward into this little post I am going to give you a list of 10 of the top affiliate marketing blogs you should study.

Now… I’m not saying to do the exact same thing, in other words copy them.

All you need to do is study some of their tactics and apply them to your own site, Ok enough blabbing Lets dive in!

Site #1-

This thing is a monster! It’s a technology/gadgets niche amazon affiliate website.

10 beasts amazon affiliate marketing

you will definitely learn some amazing amazon affiliate secret sauce from this website.

for example the posts are massive!

You’ll notice the website is simple and straight forward but above all packs a huge punch.

the 8 page website was earning 6-figures in just 8 months! Subsequently 1 year later the website flipped for $500,000

Get the full in depth case study HERE

Site #2- is an amazon affiliate review/compare site for digital cameras.

A majority of there posts are less than 1000 words. Most importantly, they still rank high in google for there keywords.

One wicked sick thing you can take away from this successful amazon affiliate site is that you don’t need tons of content to rank your posts.

For example you could simply use specs and features to put your products “head to head” for some seriously dope ranking points.

Site #3- is a fairly simple general consumer products review site.

You can see there main squeeze is providing convenient reviews to help customers buy the right item for there needs.

In addition to that, they spend countless hours buying and testing products in order to give the best review possible.

Believe it or not these guys have had over 100million customers since 2014.

never the less my friend this could be you…

Go check them out and make your product reviews look even better than theirs and you’ll be well on your way to affiliate marketing on amazon.

well i think its time to wrap things up for today.

I really hope you got some gold nuggets from this post!

see ya next time


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