Amazon Selling Strategy That Makes Me $30,000 Per Month!

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This is the amazon selling strategy that can make you $30,000!!

Having a selling strategy is vital

yo homie!

So, you’re ready to start selling on amazon and you have no idea what to do next… In short, you’re going to need a rock solid amazon selling strategy. some things you will need to have in your strategy include…

creating a selling strategy might feel like a hella daunting task, however it can payoff with tons of sales in the end if you put in the work and do it correctly.

I’m going to give you 1 strategy that will sure as shit increase your amazon selling game… Moving forward, lets dive in!

Selling Strategy #1: Give Away Products

This may seem a bit counter productive but, this can truly help you increase your ranking on amazon. Certainly you might break even or even lose a little cash. However, the pros will out weigh the cons if you di it correctly.

Firstly you are going to want to go to the Amazon Seller Central page, second, get a coupon code to give your products away to friends, family or strangers. Finally you will watch the sales go up and skyrocket your rankings on amazon.


Lets sump up this short article my young pdawan. Your journey into selling items on amazon is going to be a long bumpy ass road, but if you stay consistent and take action every day you will find success. So remember to never give up!

Above all I wish you the best of luck and we’ll see you on the other side!

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