How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The Secret)

The Red Tea Detox

This post is all about how you can make money with clickbank. You will learn the secrets of the pros below. To sum up the point, start making sales today! Read more below.

You’re in for a real treat Slick,

So I was feeling rather guilty today.

You see, I’ve got some knowledge that is so imperative yet simple it might just make your head explode.

But of course, I’m gonna make an exception and share it with you guys.


Because I’ve been locked away in my house like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away studying this crap! WILSON!!

But that doesn’t matter right now, what does matters is This here:

You need to stick out like a tall person at a midget convention in super aggressive and competitive niches.

You agree?


Life is better when we see eye to eye.

I think you might even get a little crush on me after I share this marketing secret with you, you might even love me if you’re in a competitive niche.

Ok, enough rambling on, let’s dive straight in.

Become an Entertainer

When it comes to being different than everyone else on this planet, not many did it better than motley crew.

Was their sheer talent on bass, guitar, or drums what led them to success?? Sure these things helped them to build their legacy, the one thing that set them apart completely from the pack was there showmanship.

That’s right, slick, Motley Crew always had the crowd praising them at there feet at the end of a show.

You see Motley Crew truly didn’t see themselves as “great artists”. Nope, they saw themselves as great entertainers.

Most bands perform the show, where Motley Crew was the show.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to see them perform live you would know what I mean.

They brought a different energy to the stage, that the opening bands didn’t have.

Now, let’s take a look at the bands antics.

Motley Crew always has the crowd saying:

Wow did I just see that?, did he really just chug a bottle of jack on stage?, that dude just got punched in the face!!

They always had tricks up there sleeves to awe the crowd.

As an affiliate marketer you should embrace that same mentality.

You are sharing the World Wide Web with competitors and you all are trying to capture the same audience.

If you want to make money on clickbank affiliate marketing, you need to treat it like show-business and stand out more than the rest.


I have to be interesting you say?

How do I do that? you might be asking.

God please tell me you have more than that slick.

Write like a performer

Look, if you want to really stand out from the crowd you need to add entertainment value!

Ad some spunk and pizzazz to your videos and blog posts. Maybe a little flash factor to you email responses.

Dump a load of personality on them.

Keep your audience coming back again and again.

Most “affiliate marketers” put out blandness lifeless posts that couldn’t entertain a rock and expect results.

Remember the midget convention?

Write with like an entertainer and you’ll be standing out like Shaq at the midget convention compared to the competition.

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As much as you think you know, slick, think again.

If you want to make money on clickbank put out some entertaining content!

Until next time


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